The Essentials of High-Conversion Real Estate Landing Pages

The Essentials of High-Conversion Real Estate Landing Pages
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Real estate landing pages help direct possible leads to action that will be beneficial to both of you. A landing page clearly defines the benefits you offer for leads at present or in the near future. At first glance, it seems a daunting task to craft a landing page with a high conversion rate for a real estate website. But it’s not. It just takes a lot of elbow grease to get it right and continuously churn to conversion.

A real estate landing page is not limited to one purpose. For example, you have an existing website. You may use landing pages to direct users to specific web pages depending on the purpose or goals. You can use a landing page as your home page where they can view your latest listings, blog posts, subscribe/sign up for newsletters, or free eBooks, and even your about page to grow your brand.

A real estate landing page doesn’t just look good but must be effective in its objective — the end goal being users to act or click the CTA button/link or fill out a form.

Let’s talk essentials; what are the essential elements of a high conversion real estate landing page?

The objective of an LP is to improve and grow conversion percentages to achieve your marketing and business goals. Your landing page can be your homepage, about us page, or a stand-alone for a specified purpose, such as marketing a particular community or area included in your listings or even specific homes for sale that you need to showcase.

A real estate landing page is found by high-ranking searches and the utilization of specific keywords. It doesn’t rely on social media or word-of-mouth to be discovered. It is organic and can be part of paid ads. It aims at informing and for users to act and lead to the next level of activity in your lead’s journey.

It can be promoted through AdWords and other ads services that are designed for conversion.

The Essential Elements:

1. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

It all starts with the headline to spark interest, understanding, and engagement. It encourages a user to click that button to become a visitor and learn what you offer. For a headline to be effective, it should be short and sweet (less than 20 words), present the product or service right away, and be eye-catching. For example, New Homes Near Uptown District, San Diego For Sale. Aside from the headline, the accompanying visual content or pictures complements the headline. This way, you don’t have to go too much length explaining or too much detail in the copy’s description.

2. Convincing Subheadline

The subheadline is the part of the copy that goes right after the headline. It should be convincing to readers/users to look and make them stay on the page. It supports the headline and is descriptive of what you are offering. A more detailed content of the homes for sale. From our headline example — the subheadline can be: New homes near the Uptown District for sale. The area is perfect for new homeowners looking to plant roots in a quiet neighborhood and still be near the University and Uptown Commercial area. In the example, it is clear that you are offering new homes (freshly built), ideal for new homeowners (less experience in owning a house), quiet or peaceful but with the advantage of being near UC San Diego and Uptown Commercial District. You can now put a call-to-action directive to readers after the subheadline. View homes now

3. Visual Content That Entices Further

Like the old adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s because the brain processes visual images 60,000 times quicker. So, on the real estate landing page, you must have an image teaser; that’s large enough to see details of a house on offer and must be in high def and good quality. The subheadline and the pictures pack the powerful support for your headlines.

4. Clear Purpose

Your real estate landing page must be convincing and enticing but still be clear about what you are offering. No need for flowery words. You must be straightforward in explaining your offer. The explanation for the page and what you offer on it should be clear and can be included in the headline and subheadlines. It should focus on the benefits of your offer to your reader. From our example: New homes near the Uptown District for sale. You can further explain the features of the new houses, amenities available, pet-friendly, or whatever features you know would capture your target’s interests. This should also include the value-added service you provide, such as assisting them with their credit score or advantage of a cash purchase, etc. After your explanation, another call to action is in order. A landing page encourages readers to do what is requested, in this case, to view more of the houses that are in or near the Uptown District.

5. Offer Relief

Include the benefits they will get from your service in the subheadline and explanation. The value they will get from your real estate services are added benefits and offers relief from their woes, such as low credit score, identifying what they really want in a new house, or any issue that stops them from moving forward with their real estate journey. The offering of relief is to point out the “pain” they are experiencing. This element in real estate landing pages is the final powerful lift that magnifies CTA. “Contact Us for a Scheduled Viewing of Your Next Home.”

Putting all the elements together:

New Homes Near Uptown District, San Diego For Sale

New homes near the Uptown District are for sale. The area is perfect for new homeowners looking to plant roots in a quiet neighborhood and still be near the University and Uptown Commercial district. These new houses were built for new families in mind, with pet-friendly amenities such as dog walker lanes and parks.

(Images Here)

CTA: View Uptown Homes Now

Details of features of the homes for sale and your value-added services about how you can help them with their real estate woes, like the relief you provide to make their dreams come true. Keep this clear and crisp in enumeration or bullet points for more attention and easy reading. This should be just a 3-to 5-minute read.

CTA: Contact Us or call (555) 555-7894 for a Scheduled Viewing of Your Next Home.

Real estate landing pages are primarily for converting leads to active customers or subscribers to your website. Your high conversion LPs will continually evolve and compel readers that your services will benefit them and support their real estate goals. It will take time and a lot of adjustments to bring in more customers. In tweaking your LPs, use reviews and feedback. These will be useful in crafting effective pages.

What are the benefits of effective real estate landing pages?

Aside from conversion, real estate landing pages can:

  • Improve prospect targeting
  • Acquire more accurate metric tracking
  • Branding opportunities that may result in partnerships with other agencies or platforms
  • More focused copies and crafting of pages for hyper-targeted purposes
  • Better SEO and SERP ranking over time

High conversion real estate landing pages are essential to direct customers to the right funnel in their buying or selling journey. Through your LPs, they will figure out the support and services you are offering, and if all goes to plan convert to clients.

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