Support Policy

Our mission is to provide the best product possible, by solving real problems, continually improving with regular updates, and delivering quality day-to-day customer service. Please read through our support policies, documentation & knowledge base, and open a live chat if you have any questions.

What’s includedOne-time LicenseYearly License
Updates to ensure the item works as described and is protected against major security concernsYesYes
Discretionary version updatesYesYes
Technical questions about the item’s built-in features, and functionalityYesYes
Assistance with reported bugs and issuesYesYes
Discretionary help with included third party assets (e.g. image sliders, contact forms)YesYes

Documentation First

Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered in our documentation and knowledge base. If you can’t find what you’re looking for open a live chat and we’ll help you out.

Support Channels

Our support is exclusively offered through our live chat, if we don’t get back to you right away please be sure to add your email address so when we’re back online our reply will be sent directly to you. We do not offer email or phone support.

Also, see How do I get support?

Please note our normal live chat support hours are 6 AM to 6 PM (PST) Monday through Sunday.

What’s included in item support

One-time License

Includes support & updates for 6 months from the purchase date. During those 6 months, we’ll be available to provide the item support services we’ve set out on this page.

Yearly License

Includes support & updates as long as the subscription remains active. During that time, we’ll be available to provide the item support services we’ve set out on this page.

Answering questions about how to use the item

During the active license period, we will be available to answer your general questions about the item and how to use it. For example, how do I get my homepage to look like the one in the preview? The response to this type of question can come in various formats including directing you to an already documented response (e.g. in the documentation or knowledge base).

Answering technical questions about the item (and included third party assets)

During the active license period, we’re available to:

  • Answer your specific questions about the features and functionality of the item
  • Provide some guidance on the way the item is designed
  • Help you with issues related to using the item and getting the most value out of its functionality.
  • Answer questions about third-party assets or functionality (e.g. plug-ins) bundled with the item, such as how they work and other technical questions, as well as guide you to the third parties’ direct support channels or documentation.

Help with defects in the item or included third party assets

During the active license period, you can report and discuss bugs and minor item defects with us, and we will be available to assist you with reported bugs. If appropriate, we will issue bug fixes in the form of theme updates.

A supported item may include third-party functionality such as plugins, image sliders, or contact forms. During the item support period, we will be able to assist with basic questions about third-party assets, and to either help you to address particular issues with the third-party asset or direct you to where you can find the solution.

Item updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities

During the active license period, if a supported item includes a third-party asset (e.g., a plugin), or is intended to work with third-party software or platforms (e.g. a CMS), we will ensure the item remains compatible if the software or platform version is updated. This includes if the third party asset has a security update. Item updates of this type will be delivered as version updates.

What’s not included in item support

Item customization

Item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style, and functionality described. For customization services that will help you tailor the item to your specific requirements, we offer those services through our Pricing page.

Installation of the item

Buyers have varying levels of experience with different software platforms and technologies and getting your item up and running can depend on many variables that are specific to your circumstances. You’ll need to have a working knowledge of the software platforms and technologies for which items are created, so item support does not include help to install the item on your server or on a CMS. If needed we offer Setup & Installation services.

Hosting, server environment, or software

We are not required to support issues about your web hosting or server environment, or issues with the software you’ve got installed on your machine to use the item. Please check your ISP/web hosting provider or other software documentation that you’re trying to use to help solve your issues.

Help from developers of included third party assets

If a supported item includes a third party asset (e.g. a plugin or slider), the developer of the third-party asset is not required to provide support for that asset to buyers of the supported item.

General Terms

Support and updates are provided as long as WP Pro Real Estate 7, CT IDX Pro & CT Leads Pro are actively in development. Should any one of the following occur, Contempo Creative Inc. will no longer be responsible for providing support for WP Pro Real Estate 7, CT IDX Pro & CT Leads Pro:

  • WP Pro Real Estate 7, CT IDX Pro & CT Leads Pro are no longer actively developed as a viable products under Contempo Creative Inc.
  • Contempo Creative Inc. or the parent company is purchased or bought out by another company.
  • WordPress is no longer actively developed.