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Its Time for a Better IDX Website.

Covering 99% of All Homes For Sale

With our IDX Hosted service you get a full turnkey IDX website, cloud-hosted, and connected to your local MLS. This includes your branding integration, a semi-custom homepage based on the design of your choice, five basic interior content pages, and a host of lead-generating features and tools.

No Contracts
$129 Monthly
No Contracts

Trusted by Agents & Brokers

We pride ourselves on our products and customer service, you'll find its second to none.

Here's a couple of the many happy agents, brokers, and business owners using our products.

Platinum Realty GroupBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices
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I've built several websites over the years and the most frustrating thing has been running into a roadblock or problem, and then having to wait a day, sometimes days or even a week for the developer to respond, stalling the development process. Not with Chris at Contempo Themes. Yes, his Real Estate 7 theme is amazing, flexible and the options are endless ... but what makes it so different is CHRIS HIMSELF. He takes customer service seriously and responds, typically within MINUTES of me sending him a question. I'm about to cross the finish line on two sites and I cannot say enough about Chris, the theme or the experience I've had working on these sites. My brokerage and agents are thrilled with their sites!
Hometown Realty, LLCRyan O'Bannon
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Let me tell you.. This theme looks amazing and it performs even better but what takes the cake is Chris Robinson. This man has CARRIED me through this process. I've made websites in the past but I have never made a website on wordpress and Chris has helped me every step of the way and made it so easy. I know I have sent him way too many SOS emails (literally 100+) but he responds to every one of them ready to help me with whatever he can. and that just means a lot and you cannot put a price on that. I purchased the CT theme and the CT IDX plugin and both are worth the price because of all the value you get behind it. I wish there was 10 stars to give him because he consistently out performs and exceeds expectations.

Design Collection

Each IDX Hosted website begins with one of our exclusive designs, all fully mobile responsive & expertly crafted to look amazing on all devices.

MLS Search

Each IDX Hosted website is powered by CT IDX Pro, which gives your clients the best search available. As the market professional, you can maximize your prospective leads experience by fully tailoring your MLS data parameters, search options, results pages, and much more.

650+ MLS Markets

Covering 99% of All Homes For Sale across all 50 States, Washington D.C., and Canada and we're adding more all the time.

CRM & Lead Generation

Optionally require Potential Buyers to Signup/Register to View Listing Details Capturing their Name & Email Address for Follow-Ups, and tracking their searches, favorites, and viewed listings site wide.

High Performance

Your WordPress site is powered by premium managed cloud-hosting, backed by Digital Ocean a leader in the space. Sites are kept safe and secure, include daily backups and updates.

No Contracts

Subscriptions are month-to-month, you can cancel at any time. No hidden fees. No hassle. More on that in our Terms & Conditions.

Live Chat Support

Have a question or need support? Simply open up a live chat with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

SEO Friendly

Your IDX Hosted website creates dynamic listing pages that are search engine crawlable and 100% indexable.

This means better ranking & visibility, which turns into more traffic and more leads.

Saved Searches & Alerts

Users can save their searches, and setup alerts that email them when new listings are added that match those criteria. This is an excellent way to keep prospective leads coming back to your site, increasing conversion and sales.

Pocket Listings

You can still manually enter pocket or exclusive listings via the WordPress admin they can exist on the same site using the same templates, functions, search, etc.

Giving you have one cohesive, professional and easy to use site.

Nearby Places

Display nearby schools, restaurants, banks, transit, parks, grocery, and more all powered by Yelp.

Favorite Listings

A user can add a listing to their favorites for viewing or sharing later via the My Listings page from their account dropdown.

Excellent for bringing prospective clients back to your site.

Compare Listings

Let your users compare up to four listings and their features against one another at one time.

Draw to Search

Allow your website visitors to specify exact geographical areas to search on a desktop computer.


Users can share their location allowing them to search for listings in the direct local area.

Map Pan/Zoom Update

This awesome feature allows users to search then when the map is panned or zoomed the markers and listing results update accordingly, automagically.

IDX Hosted CRM

Capture, qualify, nurture, & manage leads all from one place.

Each IDX Hosted website includes our mobile-first CRM, with a zero learning curve interface, just the things you need to follow up, nurture, and close deals all from one place.

Have a question? Open a live chat with us.

Mobile-first CRM

Designed with a mobile-first approach because your business is always on the go.

Capture, Qualify & Close

Puts all your leads in one easy to access and organized system, guiding and tracking each unique relationship from prospect to close.

Lead Activity

Track all your leads site activity from views, searches, and favorites. Updated in real-time.

Algorithm-based Property Matching

Quickly shortlist, and send matches to your leads with a couple of clicks. All based on their site activity, using searches, views, and saved listings.

Onsite Messaging

Get rid of email clutter, with natural text-message like conversations all within your site. Always know where you left off with a client, plus full history to support and coach agents.

Go direct, and quickly send messages or property shortlists via SMS, ask us about this optional upgrade.

Lead Autoresponders

Speed to lead is paramount and a personalized autoresponder for new leads never leaves them in the dark. Example

Closing Details

Keep up with your opportunities, track your past transactions, commissions earned, and closing dates.

Dashboard & Metrics

Daily lead metrics in your dashboard, quickly see your unread, how many need to be contacted, % completed, sources, funnel, and much more.


Add tags to your leads to quickly sort, filter, and segment targets.

Leads Funnel

Easily see where all your leads are at in the process, from new to nurturing to closed, and everything in between.

Lead Sources

Never wonder where your leads are coming from, displays referring sites, UTM campaigns, direct to site, PPC ads, and more.

Leads Active

Quickly see how many of your leads have been active in the past 30 days, algorithm-based from logins, views, favorites, and searches.

Follow-up Reminders

Never lose track of a lead conversation with automatic follow-up reminders displayed if you haven't replied in 48+ hours.

Push Notifications

Be responsive and never miss a new lead or message with email & on-site push notifications.

Export Leads

Quickly export all your leads to CSV, great for building mailing lists, or syncing with another system.

Auto Profile Images

Put a face to your leads, with automatic profile images pulled from social media platforms if available.

Recently Viewed

This conversion increasing feature is for your leads to use, and it allows them to easily see all their recently viewed properties from their dashboard.

Always Innovating

We’re just getting started by continually improving with new innovations, and delivering quality day-to-day customer service to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

According to a study by REAL Trends, the majority of real estate agents surveyed said that using a CRM system increased their productivity by at least 50 percent.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help with something else? Open a live chat with us.

How long does it take for my IDX Hosted website to be delivered?

1-2 weeks, once we receive your design brief and deliverables (branding, verbiage, images, video, etc…) we'll begin setting up your new website and send an email out when its ready for review.

I already have a website. Can my content be transferred to a new IDX Hosted site?

Yes! We will use the built-in WordPress import/export feature to transfer your existing content. We are happy to aid in the (re)organization of the imported content. Please note – any content/pages created with custom page builders or unsupported plugins may not be transferred.

Any page design outside the scope of the included 5 basic are handled & discussed on a case-by-case basis during your consultation.

Do you offer custom web design services?

Yes! Upon setup, and after you’ve chosen a design, we'll personalize your site for you. Color schemes, logos, navigation menu setup, and up to 5 basic pre-made pages are included in the setup (about, contact, community, etc…) based on the design of your choice.

If you're in need of higher levels of customization or development of a unique feature, open a live chat to discuss your project and get a custom quote.

What will my website look like when delivered?

When delivered, your IDX Hosted site will match the design of your choice in style but be matched to your branding and populated with your supplied content.

Are there any contracts?

No, subscriptions are month-to-month, you can cancel at any time but keep in mind when you do your IDX Hosted site is shut down and you'll no longer have access. Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions.

What type of hosting is offered?

Your IDX Hosted site is served on a very fast cloud based platform with Cloudways & Digital Ocean, the standard includes 2GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD disk space, 2TB of transfer, & 1 core processor.

Server upgrades are offered and can be scaled up at any time 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 96GB, 128GB & 192GB of RAM with multiple CPUs and large disk space, open a live chat for upgrade pricing.

Are Updates and Changes Included?

Once your IDX Hosted site is approved we hand over full admin access, so any maintenance or content changes and updates will be up to you. Each design is built with the Elementor Page Builder so moving forward those are very easy to handle on your own.

We do offer design and customization services if needed, open a live chat for pricing.

Is email service included?

Email is not included, however we recommend our customers use G Suite from Google Business Services, its cloud based and starts at $6/month per user.

What if my domain name is being used for my existing website?

We'll install your site on a temporary URL during the setup and review process, once the site is good to go we'll point the domain to the new website.

Is a domain name included?

A domain is not included, as its an asset of your business, we recommend purchasing from a dedicated domain registrar like GoDaddy.

What happens to my website should I decide to cancel?

After canceling access to your site's admin will be removed, and the site will be deleted.