Lead-Generating Website Pages You Should Already Be Using

Lead-Generating Website Pages You Should Already Be Using
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Anyone engaged as a real estate agent or broker at this point has probably tried getting leads through their own websites. We’re in 2022, after all, and anyone who has not tapped the internet yet for their marketing needs is either living under a rock or on the path of career suicide.

Today we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into your website. Let’s say you’re not that tech-savvy, and you just had someone make it for you. You’re given a web address and a URL, but apart from that, you generally don’t have an idea about everything else. You know you’re getting leads from this website, but you’re not sure how.

Well, this article is for you.

Just because you have an existing website does not mean that there’s nothing else you should do to perfect your proverbial “craft”. Lead conversion hinges on your ability to give those visitors what they want — both immediately and in the future — when they’re making a decision to work with you.

Stated differently, every page on your website should have a different function, yet, they all should point to a clear purpose — to ultimately direct visitors into your sales funnel of prospects, whom you can nurture and later on convert to buying clients.

Whether you’re just planning to build your own website or you already have an existing one and are planning to maximize its performance, here are the lead-generating pages that your website must-have. Let’s go through them one by one.

Home Page

A home page is the first lead-generating page your clients see once they visit your site. As the name implies, it’s a home. It’s where people go when they try to explore your website’s contents.

If your house is a website, then your homepage is your home’s curb appeal. Yes, it can make or break your entire enterprise and drive leads away.

So how do you nail this part? You should start by making sure your web page clearly announces what you do and gives visitors clean and clear navigation to all of your website’s “rooms.”

The home page should clearly advertise who you are. That means your name and logo should be visible and easily recognizable. Also, think of yourself as a visitor. Of course, you’d want the website to have clear, simple, and intuitive page navigation, right?

Lastly, it might help if you put your contact information: Phone, email address (or link to form), and social media icons on the homepage. That way, if your clients are already convinced with whatever they’ve seen on the homepage, they can start contacting you right away.

Protip: We highly recommend you utilize high-resolution, captivating & bold images on your home page that reflects your niche as an agent or a brokerage. Whether you’re posting an entire property or bits and pieces of the same, make sure that the images you use don’t lose their quality when clients zoom in on them.

About Us Page

Since your homepage should not contain everything about your company (however, it should contain a brief background about who you are and what services you offer), the next lead-generating page that you need to have is an About Us page.

Why do you need an About Us page? Well, in an age where most transactions are done by large multinational corporations, your About Us page is a great opportunity to relay to your clients that you’re still being personal to them. By letting them know about your history, plans, or anything about your company, you’re building rapport and, most importantly, gaining their trust.

This is much more important when you’re in real estate because this is where you can present your credentials, accreditations, and past experiences.

Curated IDX Listing Pages

If this is a general website, this would be the “Product/Services” page, but since we’re talking about a real estate website, having an IDX listing page is an essential addition to your website.

Having an IDX listing lead-generating page is essential because searching for houses online is usually the first step a buyer takes when trying to purchase a home. In the same vein, sellers will want to know that you can show their properties to as many buyers as possible. So you see why it’s important now?

The key to a well-made IDX listing page is to find out what your clients are looking for. Are they looking for mid-century modern homes of a certain size? Historic fixer-uppers? Homes with ADUs or other accommodations for long-term guests or multiple generations? You can even ask your current buyers what types of houses they’re most interested in seeing. Also, find out where you have the most expertise, and ask yourself what kind of niche listing searches people would love to see.

The beauty about IDX listing pages is that you don’t have to constrain yourself from just having one. You can mix and match which listing niches are most popular.

Blog, Lifestyle, Community Pages

One of the best pages for lead generation is having blog, lifestyle, and community pages for hyperlocal real estate marketing. Ask the best realtor in your area about their journey from being a newbie to being the “expert” in the field, and they’d say that they all started by giving value to the community first.

Providing a form of “public service” — giving updates about the overall real estate market, posting how-tos about the common transactions in real estate, tips, and suggestions — adds a lot to your credibility as a go-to real estate agent. Before you know it, people would already look forward to your next content and even think of you whenever they consider buying or selling their property.

These pages also drive traffic — all sorts of traffic — to your website. If your website becomes known for posting regular updates about certain topics, people would naturally gravitate to visit your website. We’re pretty sure that a certain percentage of those visitors will be enticed to check out what your website is all about.

Consultation and Contact Us Page

Last but certainly not least on this basic list is to have a lead-generating page where your clients can reach out to you whether to ask for more info about a listing or simply to schedule a consultation.

If your clients have reached these pages, congratulations! You’re one step closer to converting them into warm or even closeable leads. All your efforts in branding, and making sure that your website is easily navigable have paid off!

The only protip we could add here is to always make sure that your contact info is up-to-date. Nothing disappoints a client who has made an effort to contact you only to find out that the email address you added contained a typo or the number you posted is no longer active.


Having a website to help you market your services is a must-have in this day and age. It’s a powerful tool to generate leads and, at the same time, advertise the properties you’re handling.

If you’ve been marketing in social media and have thought of finally transitioning to having a website, we hope you learned a thing or two from this guide. If you already have a website but want to improve its lead-generating capacity, give the above tips a try and see the difference for yourself.

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