Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation

Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation
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Lead generation is one of the primary objectives of digital marketing in real estate. Technology has evolved, what worked ten years ago may either not work as much today or remain relevant tomorrow for content marketing. Here’s where evergreen content for real estate lead generation comes in as an effective marketing strategy. It will help your content continuously be purposeful and generate traffic for years to come.

What is Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation?

Evergreen content for real estate lead generation offers well thought and creative postings on blogs, FAQs, snippets on social media, Podcasts, and Vlogs. Evergreen means anything that remains functional for a long time. That’s the kind of content you’d want for your website, social media platforms, and other forms of digital media!

How Do You Create Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation?

To plan and create evergreen content to generate leads you’ll need to go through a few steps.

  • Keyword research – You must look through and select words that people often use when searching. Do not forget to factor in your niche and locality. Also, your content must be able to answer questions. Be the solution and right location for your potential clients.
  • Comparative Analysis – This technique encourages you to study your competitors and compare them to your site. In knowing what your competitors offer and don’t, you’ll be able to navigate your own. This will serve as a head start for you to stand out among them.
  • Content Ideas – Based on your experience and training as a real estate agent, what kind of information do you want to offer to your leads? Make a list of how you want to present the information. It can be through blogs, FAQs pages, social media postings, or videos.

Make sure the content you create are topics that will continue to be significant and keep people interested even in the future. This could be content about a to-do list to enhance your home’s curb appeal, staging tips, or new homebuyers’ checklist. For an FAQs page, you should answer questions commonly asked by sellers or buyers universally.

Why Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation?

Current events and topics catch people’s interest now, but this will diminish over time. Instead of putting time and money on current topics of interest, invest in what will last longer. Invest in a strategy that will be relevant for years to come.

Evergreen content puts your website in a better position in SERPs. Because your posts will remain relevant even in the long run, this will result in a better ranking on SEs. In fact, the better and more well-written your posts are, the more likely they’ll be featured as the best answer or most relevant result.

One objective of marketing is to establish a brand reputation. Evergreen content for real estate will put your brand on a higher level — an industry-leading expert in your niche. Putting in the work will give you the leverage to be an expert. This means more job offerings and opens up new opportunities for you to grow.

Evergreen topics bring you closer to your audience and social media followers. The more useful your information is the better connectivity. They’ll think you are the right person to contact to solve their real estate problems.

Tips On Creating Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation

Usefulness equals value. Keep this in mind when creating evergreen content to generate real estate leads.

  • Topics in this category were already tackled by those who’ve come before you and your competitors. What you can do is explore these, find your unique voice, and inject your personality and the way you want to represent or express your brand in your content.
  • Use long-tail keywords in evergreen content. Long-tail keywords or phrases are more niche-focused. For example, in this blog, keywords are evergreen content — this is too broad and will easily get lost among the many posts about the topic. To make it more niche-appropriate, real estate lead generation must be added. Doing this, the blog post will no longer be dumped away in the pool of evergreen-related topics.
  • When planning and creating content, know what isn’t evergreen. This is anything related to “right here, right now” like news, stats, or reports that can quickly be outdated and focused too much on current happenings.
  • Retaining value and usefulness over time also needs refreshing once in a while. Refreshing means repurposing, and there are many ways to repurpose your content to reach more targets. Retarget leads that you’ve missed or contact previous clients again.
  • Evergreen content for real estate lead generation caters to most audiences but more so to beginners or first-timers. These leads are in need of support the most.
  • Avoid technical words or industry jargon. Make your content easy to understand to prevent confusion. You don’t want your leads to be more confused after reading or watching your videos than before. You want to provide a solution and clarity to their inquiries. So, avoid intimidating them and engage in a friendlier tone.

A Few More Things to Avoid in Creating Evergreen Content for Real Estate Lead Generation

There’s a saying, “Man does not live on bread alone.” This is true in content management. “Man also needs water.” So, you must give your audience something fresh to keep the content flowing. This could be in the form of videos on your listings, market updates, and news. These may not be evergreen, but you need a mix to keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

Also, don’t stop at posting your evergreen blogs, and do not just leave them be. You can still do a few things to refresh these content/topics.

  • Dedicate a page of your site that focuses on first-timers in the market. This will make it easier for new home buyers and sellers to find the information they need.
  • Your sidebar can be useful in featuring evergreen posts. Better yet, develop your posts into an e-book that you can give out for free in exchange for a subscription to your newsletters.
  • Run social media advertising on your posts on all your platforms. This will highlight your content and widen its reach.

When there’s a need to refresh or update evergreen content for real estate lead generation, make sure that you have these key factors in the topics:

  • Make sure they’re high in utility and significance.
  • You should send a clear message on the topic. The flow of ideas must be concise and reasonable.
  • Make your tone approachable, like as if you are talking to a friend who needs your advice. Don’t intimidate your audience with heavy terminologies.
  • Make it easy for leads or clients to share your content via social media or other apps.

If you are passionate about your career, you’ll find evergreen content creation for real estate lead generation is enjoyable and rewarding. It’s also a great way to practice your know-how and acquired knowledge in your chosen niche and industry.

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