50 Hyper-Local Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate

50 Hyper-Local Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate
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With these hyper-local blog post ideas, you’ll bring in leads from your immediate area and establish yourself as a local expert.

The most important thing to show is that you know what’s happening in the market.

To serve locals effectively, you want to post information they need…and can’t find anywhere else.

In doing so you’ll create a blog that locals want to visit while developing the traffic and readership you need to generate leads.

The list below gives you 50 ideas for hyper-local blog posts for real estate:

  1. Community Event Recaps and Reviews
  2. Community Event Roundups (list of upcoming things in your area)
  3. Small/New Business Spotlights
  4. Interesting Places to See
  5. Family-Friendly Golfing in the [Your Area Here] Area
  6. How to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day Weekend in [Your Area Here]
  7. Summer Events to Get Excited About in the [Your Area Here] Area
  8. Things to Do in [Your Area Here]
  9. Save on Gas With These Staycation Ideas Near [Your Area Here]
  10. Pamper Yourself at These [Your Area Here] Area Day Spas
  11. Little Steps to Take to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly
  12. Spring Events to Get Excited About in the [Your Area Here] Area
  13. Case Study or Client Success Story
  14. Answer an FAQ or Client Enquiry
  15. Feature an Expert or “Local Celebrity”
  16. Write Seasonal Topics Related to Your Business
  17. Most Expensive Homes Sold in [Your Area Here]
  18. Real Estate Investing in [Your Area Here]
  19. Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Home in [Your Area Here]
  20. How to Sell a House Fast in [Your Area Here]
  21. Home Staging Services in [Your Area Here]
  22. Top 5 Restaurants in [Your Area Here]
  23. The Best Places to Grab Breakfast in [Your Area Here]
  24. Interview Owners & Chefs at the best local restaurants
  25. Interview city council members on new growth they’re excited about
  26. Provide seasonal home maintenance tips based on your climate
  27. List of upcoming open houses
  28. The best tips for buying a house successfully — especially if you’re having trouble getting your offers accepted
  29. List common local HOA covenants and what they mean
  30. What do you love most about the area? Why is it so special to you?
  31. Share some of your favorite stories about helping buyers move into their dream homes
  32. Take your readers through a day in your life. Share more than just real estate; tell us about where you get coffee and where you walk your dog
  33. Best Day Hikes in [Your Area Here]
  34. Best Golf Courses in [Your Area Here]
  35. Best Places to Unwind After Work in [Your Area Here]
  36. Best Spots for Live Music in [Your Area Here]
  37. Best Schools in [Your Area Here]
  38. Interview parents and ask them what they enjoy most about the school their children attend
  39. Describe the origins of each neighborhood or area and what makes them unique. You can also use a map to identify prominent features, boundaries, and homes of interest
  40. Interview & find out why your clients love their neighborhood and why they moved there
  41. Best Airbnb Homes in [Your Area Here]
  42. Create a list of local social media groups
  43. List the local charities, what donations they take, and how people can learn more about them
  44. Top Moving Services in [Your Area Here]
  45. List all the local services for people just moving to the area (landscapers, house cleaning, home maintenance, plumbers, contractors, etc…)
  46. Best Salons in [Your Area Here]
  47. Best Dog Groomers in [Your Area Here]
  48. Local Coffee Shops You Can’t-Miss in [Your Area Here]
  49. List common seasonal problems for homes in your area, and how to solve or prevent them
  50. Talk about whether your area is affected by national trends (or not).

Hyper-Local Blog Post Ideas Conclusion

We hope you’ve found these hyper-local blog post ideas helpful.

By putting these hyper-local blog post ideas to work and you’ll be on your way to higher rankings and more leads.

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