20 Powerful & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

20 Powerful & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas
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Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate market is robust. Demand for residential properties is high. The supply on the other hand depends on the downsizers and upsizers according to current needs, whether losing work or working from home/homeschooling needs. The task of real estate agents and brokers is to focus on the changing waves. To do this, it is important to lay the foundations of strong marketing strategies, backed by technology and digital platforms.

Powerful and effective real estate marketing ideas optimize the use of digital marketing tools available. Optimized being the operative word – at the most reasonable cost that yields maximum results for you.

Here are 20 of the most powerful and effective real estate marketing ideas post-pandemic:

  1. Invest in your virtual office
  2. Make your website accessible
  3. Network on social media
  4. Leverage visual platforms
  5. Promote with Facebook and Twitter Posts
  6. Become a local guru
  7. Create home tours & teasers
  8. Be bold with branding
  9. Content creation is king
  10. Localize with community pages
  11. Engage with virtual open houses
  12. Connect with email marketing
  13. Capture leads with webinars
  14. Educate prospects on buying & selling processes
  15. Provide social proof
  16. Claim your listings on Zillow
  17. Focus on niche demographics
  18. Maintain existing relationships
  19. Local advertising & sponsorships
  20. Make yourself available

1. Invest in your virtual office

Your real estate website should be graphically sleek and tasteful, easy to navigate, and with quality pictures and videos. For the last five years, homebuyers’ behavior has changed from driving around their preferred future residential community to viewing pictures online, and reading about the places and communities and reviews/feedbacks, even before going through the motion of home visits and inspection. Now, it is becoming mandatory for health protocol reasons.

2. Make your website accessible

In creating your website, do not forget to make it accessible and end-user-friendly on multiple devices. Most people no longer use laptops/desktops to browse and communicate online. More often than not, people use mobile devices such as smartphones and other gadgets to view houses and videos online.

3. Network on social media

Learn how to network on different social media platforms. Use these platforms to expand the customer service side of your real estate marketing. Social media platforms are the best medium for quick updates, servicing the communities you are actively part of or have listings. Customer service is an “arm” to staying relevant. Plus, relevance gets additional points as far as SEO is concerned. The more your name, agency, listings, communities, or website appear on the platforms, moving on the news feeds, your ranking will advance organically.

4. Leverage Visual Platforms

Instagram and Pinterest are social platforms that you would want to utilize in feeding more visuals – photos and videos (snippets) and link this to your Facebook and Twitter. Interlinking your visual real estate marketing creates a chain of movement in platforms. This boosts ranking (views) and credibility across different networks and SEO.

5. Promote with Facebook and Twitter Posts

Facebook and Twitter posts and twits can provide additional support content to your visual content on Instagram and Pinterest. You can also post summaries of your blogs and ebooks on Facebook and Twitter to attract leads to your website. Prepare a landing page in the website directing towards a subscription or an ebook, in exchange for an email address and following on networking platforms.

6. Become a Local Guru

Build the reputation of being a go-to person for local information for good and bad situations in the communities you have listings. Information is service, and being more service-centric at present will reap you a good reputation as a real estate agent. At this point, service is as important as selling a house or brokering a deal for a home buyer. Utilize your existing platforms, website, and other digital marketing tools in establishing your expertise.

7. Create Home Tours & Teasers

Create videos of walkthroughs and home tours, and then upload them on your website, social media platforms (teaser videos), and YouTube. Because of health protocols, homebuyers may opt to look at uploaded pictures and videos of houses, and ask questions later. If you can afford the services of a photographer/videographer for professionally made pictures and videos, that would be advantageous. But if not, just make sure your photos and videos are hi-def. Do not forget to label and tag them when you upload, for SEO.

8. Be Bold with Branding

Create a standout brand design. Because it’s not possible to give out flyers or business cards due to spreading infection, focus on digital branding by creating a standout brand design/logo and use this on your website and other digital platforms. Your brand logo is important in giving a good first impression. It is the same as giving out nicely made calling cards. Use it as a thumbnail design for your video channel and other media accounts.

9. Content Creation is King

Make engaging content that will capture leads. Engaging content can be blogs, newsletters, and ebooks that give general tips and hacks about buying or selling a house, news about the market, and even legal processes in real estate – anything informative, relevant, and helpful to possible leads. Post this on your site or other digital marketing platforms. In exchange for this information, you can ask for subscribers and their information – emails, social media following, and private messaging access.

10. Localize with Community Pages

Localize content by including the areas of your listings especially on your blog posts and service information contents, such as what’s happening in those communities.

11. Engage with Virtual Open Houses

In light of engaging content, do a virtual open house through Zoom or Google Meet or in other virtual meeting rooms. Here, you can show a house for sale from exterior to the interior in the comfort and safety of the buyers’ own homes, while answering queries live. Homebuyers’ health and yours are important; let technology work to your advantage in showcasing houses in new ways. Virtual open houses are great ways to gather network leads and close a deal.

12. Connect with Email Marketing

Email real estate marketing is still a powerful tool to nurture leads. You must personalize it depending on the interactions you previously had with them. By personalizing email marketing, you are building a relationship, keeping them in the loop according to their interests – whether buying or selling a house. It is also a way to establish your reputation as a reliable real estate agent and go-to person for information for the communities in your listing. An excellent service for email marketing is Sendinblue with unlimited contacts, affordable pricing, drip campaigns, and automation.

13. Capture Leads with Webinars

Webinars are a great real estate marketing idea to build your brand, network, and capture leads. Webinars have been around since before the pandemic. They’ve replaced conventional seminars, with added benefits of lower costs and being safer for you and your potential clients. Webinar content can range from general tips and hacks on selling and buying a home, or be as technical as the legal process of selling (including taxes), credit ratings, and mortgages.

14. Educate Prospects on Buying & Selling Processes

Create instructional videos about the different processes within buying and selling aspects. This is to provide more information for buyers and sellers or make it clear to them what’s generally can be confusing in the processes. Commission animation videos or use software solutions that create simple animations. FAQs can be answered through animated videos that you can upload on your video channels.

15. Provide Social Proof

Testimonials, reviews, and feedbacks are great techniques to boost reliability and pique the interest of potential clients. You can post them on your website, social media pages, or make a video. By getting testimonials, you are building the reputation of being trustworthy and expertise.

16. Claim Your Listings on Zillow

Sign up on Zillow, the real estate equivalent of crowd-sourced reviews of businesses. This is to further establish your position as an agent or agency. Zillow provides advertising services on their site. It is worth it because most homebuyers and sellers browse through Zillow; it accounts for 48% of all real estate searches online. Aside from growing your online ranking organically, your best bet is real estate marketing sites such as Zillow for paid advertising.

17. Focus on Niche Demographics

Niche real estate marketing focuses on particular niches or targeted leads. If there’s too much competition within your areas of listing, you might want to pivot to particular niches such as single individuals, families with kids, or pet lovers, to name a few. Building a reputation in particular niches can make you memorable especially where there are steep competitions. In connection to instructional videos, focusing on niches and making particular video content on a specific niche is a great way to introduce you to the niche.

18. Maintain Existing Relationships

Do not burn bridges with your past clients; keep in touch with them on birthdays and anniversaries, as well as keeping them in the loop with their areas of interest or listings. Also, you can ask your past clients for referrals. Personal referrals are a gold mine for leads especially if you’ve established a good service relationship with your past clients.

19. Local Advertising & Sponsorships

Sponsorship of local activities whether online or actual physical activities are great ways to spread your brand and services. Help sponsor online and actual physical activities in school events, T-shirts, mugs, or any items where you can put your name and logo.

20. Make Yourself Available

Make sure you are easy to contact – online and through the phone. Prompt response translates to good service. This is part of establishing your reputation and credibility. The post-Covid way of doing business relies more on technology but it also calls for amped-up customer service especially in the real estate market.

The pandemic has been truly a game-changer for most industries, but more so in real estate. Reaching homebuyers and sellers are now different. To stay on track and widen your reach as an agent, you must rely on technology, digital real estate marketing solutions, and platforms to establish online presence and relevance. Create a website that will cater to your target clients within your listings, quality photos and videos would attract more views, make use of video channels and social media platforms to support both visual and text contents. Advertise on real estate digital marketing sites where you will gain more exposure, include reviews and feedbacks. Virtual open houses and tours will give your clients more access to houses for sale while still in keeping with present health protocols.

Real estate marketing calls for more creativity and going the extra mile in giving prompt service. Both will give you leverage in your business at present and for years to come. Optimize your online presence with these killer marketing ideas.

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