9 Tips for Starting and Promoting Your Real Estate Blog

9 Tips for Starting and Promoting Your Real Estate Blog
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It’s no secret that to become successful in the real estate industry, an online presence is mandatory.

You must build trust by establishing your reputation as an expert in your specific niche and gradually building credibility for your site as well.

Starting a real estate blog will increase your visibility, lead generation, and SEO organically — all while working for you 24/7.

Real Estate blogging varies in content, length, and number of times you post per week to get audience attention and ranking.

This is the backbone of your digital marketing operations in establishing brand and expertise.

Tips On Starting Your Real Estate Blog

Before writing your blog, research the type of blogs people search for and actually read.

This will be the blueprint for the kind of content you write.

A few great tools for researching content are Ubersuggest, BuzzSumo, and Ahrefs, all will help you find topic ideas and show things like search volume, traffic, keywords, social shares, and more.

These are invaluable when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

Doing this will also catapult your reputation as an expert and be the go-to guide in your real estate niche.

1. Give practical solutions to solve readers’ problems and queries

What are the usual questions people ask about real estate? These questions and problems range in difficulty, these can be simple questions such as how to buy a home in a particular zip code or area, best schools; leisure activities available; dog parks, and other pet provisions. These can also be complex as taxation once a property is sold; amortization computation or rulings and laws on water rights.

2. Format and style are important

Avoid essay type of writing at all times. You are not writing a paper or dissertation, so there’s no need to be very formal. The basic rule in blogging is keeping informal but still informative. Do not keep the juicy details at the end, instead carefully balance the real estate blogs to provide information and solutions from beginning to end. For example, give an introduction to what the blog is all about. Answer the question and give details. Break the answer into parts or the details into short paragraphs, because online searchers browse first and look if the blog content would be helpful.

3. Keep it simple and easy to read

Sometimes bloggers and writers make the mistake of making complex answers in presenting the information. Simple and easy-to-read real estate blog content are more favored and appreciated. Avoid using terminology that readers have to search just to understand the blog, or provide short explanations on terminologies. If the answer to a question is complex or confusing, use practical analogies for readers to understand. Being an expert is not about being technical but having the ability to simplify the answer, solution, or information for readers to understand.

4. Add visuals to your blog

To make your blogs more interesting use pictures and videos appropriate for your content. Using your own pictures from properties in your listings is advantageous. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, advertising a property, and setting it as an example solution to issues. For example, taking pictures of a property in your listings with the most curb appeal. You then spell out what the sellers did to make the exterior more attractive to live in or sell.

5. Your niche is the center of your blog game plan

Although real estate blogs with general topics are good, niche-centric blogs capture your target audience. If your goal is a wider reach in readership, then go ahead with more generalized topics. But if you want to shine and be known in your niche in real estate, write content specific to the niche.

6. Write for clients and other agents

Do not limit your target audience to clients but include real estate agents as well. Fellow agents are untapped potential for blog readership. It can be daunting to write for your peers but they might also need the info that you have. Building a reputation of expertise is not limited to your potential clients as an audience. You could be missing out on ranking brought by regular readership and subscription of fellow agents and referrals by them. So, write blogs with the intention of providing content for clients and peers.

7. Frequency and consistency are important

SEO algorithms include frequency and consistency in delivering relevant content for ranking. Ranking organically is a steep and slow climb to the number 1 page. Producing relevant and high-quality content on a consistent basis is key to getting to the top.

8. Evergreen content trumps current situation in real estate blogs

While people might search for answers pertaining to current conditions, going evergreen is still prudent. Your blog will still rank and be read even after the present circumstances. What is evergreen content? It is content that stays relevant and fresh to readers.

9. Inspire audience interaction through comments, more questions, and feedback

The comment section of the real estate blog is meant for readers to give their opinion and further clarification of the topic. Take advantage of this interaction as a way to connect and deepen the relationship with readers who can be transformed into buyers or sellers that need your services. It leaves you vulnerable to obnoxious comments but these can always be ignored and deleted.

How To Promote Your Real Estate Blog?

Real estate blog promotion is best defined as a social networking endeavor through social media platforms. Use these digital media outlets, network with your readers and fellow agents, and post your blogs. People spend an average of 30 to 35 minutes daily on their newsfeed looking for trending info and subjects of interest.

Blogging and promoting your blog post will take a fair amount of effort and time. So, think of how much time and effort you put into it, which is exactly equal to how much you get out of it. Make promoting your real estate blog on social media platforms a daily, or biweekly routine.

Here’s a 3 step process for promoting blogs on your social media:

  1. Choose 3 social media platforms that you think will best serve your promotional purpose and gain traction in readership. Your purpose in writing real estate blogs is not to sell but to develop trust, your position as an expert, and build your brand.
  2. Write your blog content, with keywords and location clearly identified. Then write 3 summaries or snippets of around 150 to 250 words (for Twitter users 280 characters or glyphs). These summaries, snippets, or tweets are your social media postings that you will circulate for a week. Don’t forget to use catchphrases or compelling ‘titles’ for your posts.
  3. Add pictures or links to videos with the summary or snippet. Visual content is more eye-catching than text. If people see a good picture, they become curious what it’s all about.

Encourage friends or followers to respond, give feedback, and comment on your blog.

Do not be afraid of bashers or nasty commentaries or feedback.

Stay calm and collected in posting replies, bashers also help in the promotion if you can handle them correctly.

This also gives the impression that you are open to suggestions and criticisms.

Also, this will encourage your followers to open up and give their own views, therefore, creating a connection.

As they say in showbusiness, good or bad publicity is STILL PUBLICITY. It’s up to you to work on it.

Another way to promote your blog is through email marketing.

Newsletter and email marketing are very much alive and effective.

Over 50 to 70 percent of people use — connect, correspond and check emails daily.

More people are signed up on an email account than the “big 3” social media platforms combined.

Once you are into your readers’ fold; you’ll be able to capture and encourage them to take the next step in their real estate journey whether it’s buying or selling.

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